Radical Movement is a project born out of a collaborative effort of the Gainesville Anti-Fascist Committee and the Gainesville Pink Pistols. The goal of Radical Movement is to provide a body positive, disability-friendly, and inclusive space for marginalized people to learn and teach each other self-defense and fitness techniques in order to better care for and defend themselves and their communities from prejudice and violence.

Radical Movement is a self-defense and fitness collective. We teach each other skills such as weight training, martial arts, firearms training, meditation, and first aid through skillshares, video-led workout classes, volunteer personal instructors, or whatever means available. We also take advantage of resources already existing in our local communities such as free classes at local parks, libraries, colleges, and other community spaces.

Want to start a Radical Movement chapter in your area? Contact Logan Glitterbomb at gainesvillepinkpistols@gmail.com