Training tips: trail running in the city


I’ve become slightly obsessed with urban trail running over the last decade.  It’s become an essential part of my training routine and revitalized my love of running.  I live in the east end of Toronto, and my love of trail running is inseparable from my passion for East York and Scarborough’s tragically underappreciated and underutilized urban green space, by which I am mainly referring to the Don River area.  Starting in Scarborough, you can run or cycle from Warden and St. Clair all the way to Lawrence and Yonge in North York almost without touching concrete at all.

The neglect of the east end’s impressive green space is partly because this is a working-class part of town where most people are busy, well, working (I once ran in the Bridle Path on a weekday and it was full of soccer moms walking their golden retrievers).  The fact that the east…

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Author: loganglitterbomb

Logan Glitterbomb is a freelance writer, editor, podcaster, YouTuber, nerd personality, and political commentator based out of Florida. She is a Fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society, the former editor of Pink&Black magazine, an occasional cameo guest for Troma Films, a volunteer with Heroes United Against Cosplay Bullying, and the co-host of the Hall of Justice podcast and the spin-off YouTube show, The Rebel Alliance. In her free time she enjoys cosplaying, going to conventions, reading, binge-watching, and hanging out with the folks at the communal farm where she lives.

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